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Top Agent 2021

Tiffany had the honor of being chosen for a Feature in Top Agent magazines November 2021 issue.  

When speaking with Top Agent Tiffany Megna, one can't help but immediately notice the passions he holds for her career and her clients. Working with Green Team New York Realty in Warwick, New York, Tiffany has built a thriving career on a solid foundation of trust and honesty. Hardworking, ethical to a fault, and deeply knowledgeable about both the real estate industry overall and her local market, Tiffany has more than earned her stellar reputation as a trusted, reliable and talented agent who consistently gets results for her many buyers and sellers. 

Prior to entering the world of real estate, Tiffany worked as both a substitute teacher and tutor for over fifteen years, and she hold a master's degree in Elementary Education. However, her interest in real estate began well before that. "Both of my parents were in real estate," recalls Tiffany. "My father was a flipper before flipping was even considered a thing. My  mother was a broker, so I've been around the industry my entire life." Once she had taken the plunge and obtained her real estate license, Tiffany found great success almost immediately due to her exceptional work ethic and deep commitment to her clients. 

Currently the lion's share of Tiffany's considerable overall business is based upon referrals and positive word of mouth, a significant achievement in the highly competitive world of real estate. "I think a lot of that ha sto wirht the fact that I'm no different in my personal life than I am at work," replies Tiffany, when asked how she has managed to inspire too much trust and loyalty amongst those she works with. "I talk the talk, and I walk the walk. I have a huge sense of urgency. My philosophy is to not put off until tomorrow what I can do today, because no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow." 

There are many other reasons that come into play when assessing Tiffany's ever-growing success story, and chief among them would be her expert negotiation skills, and her thorough, intelligent approach to marketing her many listings, which includes deft utilization of social media platforms to gain maximum exposure for her properties. Combined, this almost always results in a fast sale for top dollar, not to mention happy - and returning and referring - clients. 

Above all, however, is the indisputable fact that Tiffany truly loves what she does for a living and takes great pride in being able to help her clients achieve their real estate goals. "I get an adrenaline rush when I'm able to guide my buyers and sellers to success," she enthuses. "When my client closes on a house, I want to be the one to hand them their keys and congratulate them." 

When she's not working, Tiffany considers hanging out with friends and being merry her part-time job. She also enjoys cooking, music, reading, and spending time with her three children. She is also a philanthropist who gives back to her community in many ways, particularlay through her volunteerism with Team Up For Hope, a nonprofit organziation that helps rise money and awareness and provides support for people struggling with menal illeness, suicide and drug addicition. 

In addition to obtaining her Broker's License, Tiffany's plans for the future of her business include continued growth and expansion. Above all, however, remains her unwavering objective: to provide her many clients with the unparalleled customer service that has long been her calling card.


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